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"When you can live forever, what do you live for?"
-- Edward


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<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |8:24 AM

Hey guys! Today's grad night was awesome. Won the best dressed award for guys in the whole cohort! So proud of myself. Muahahaha. Prizes were a brown converse bag, a mug and a rainbow coloured teddy bear. Lol. Anyways, my labtop can finally download S.A. liao. Damn happy. But damn pissed off. Cannot load. Everytime patching complete press the "start game" then screen will turn black. After half an hour still will black. Think I can never download S.A on my labtop. F**k.

-aH ChoW not Ah Chow


<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |3:52 AM

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting on my blog for about a week. It was because my labtop was sent for repair. Now less lag and no virus le. Downloading S.A now. Hope it can download. If not I download 4 hours then got error again then 4 hours wasted -.- Actually just now my S.A download until 25% then my f**king sister go and see her gmail and do project. I tell her don't tell then she say, "Aiya, gmail only la. Confirm won't hang on." Then the downloading stop then she say, "It's not because of the gmail that your downloading hang." Then I wait for the downloading to resume then she say, "Can you do something more constructive then just stand here and wait for your idiotic download?" F**K HER LA. IDIOT. WASTE MY 2 HOURS DOWNLOAD UNTIL 25%. F**K F**K F**K F**K F**K F**K HER. IDIOT. Now I downloading 13% after 45 min. Waste my f**king time. F**k.

-aH ChoW not Ah Chow

Idiotic sis sia..

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |2:04 AM

Today went to century square eat lunch. After eating, my aunty call my mum ask her visit her mum (means my grandma). So excited cause can download S.A in my cousin's computer. After downloading S.A till about less than 15%(40+ mins), my sister came back from camp with no keys. Then she wait outside my house then call my mum say, "EH MA I GOT NO KEY! HOW!?" Then we have to go back open the door for her. My mum and I take taxi from Century Square to my aunty's house(Hougang) already $11.60 sia.. my sis think very cheap ar? !$%^&*()_.. stupid sister sia.. then wasted another $11.60 from Hougang to my house (Pasir Ris).. WASTE MONEY SIA $11.60+$11.60= $23.20 ON TAXI. **** my sis la.. IDIOT

-aH ChoW not Ah Chow

Just did housework for one hour..

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |6:35 PM

Today did housework. 9.25 to 10.25. Tiring seh. Had to sweep the floor of the whole house because my maid got sacked and my mum and I only sweeps and mops the floor once a week - Sunday. Lucky I not living in like bungalow and condo. If not every Sunday I jialat. Sweep the floor very hard lor. The hair keep sticking on the broom. Oh, did I tell you guys? I think I got phobia of hair. Everytime I see hair on the floor like very disgusted. I even try to avoid stepping on the hair in my mum's toilet every morning when I brush my teeth etc.. Really tired now. Gonna bathe soon. Didn't bathe yesterday. Hehe..

-aH ChoW not Ah Chow

Another tiring but fun day

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |7:34 AM

Today in the morning about 10.30 left the house to get new passport photo cause travelling beginning of next December. After doing passport photo all that, went to Tampines Mall because my mother had to collect her contact lenses. Then I suddenly remembered this Friday got graduation night. So I asked my mum if can wear contact lenses on that day. After much persuation, my mum said ok but the optician must teach my how to wear if not will get contact lense infection and will go blind in 24 hours. Scary o.o So today, for the FIRST time in my life, I wore contact lenses!! Cool sia, like you have you spectacles right in front of your iris. Wearing contact lenses for graduation night. I hope... So after wearing the contact lenses, went to church till 7. Then came back to Tampines Mall and the optician helped me take out the contact lenses. Now wearing spectacles again. Zzz. After taking out the contact lenses, my mum and I went shopping and ate supper at the cafe cartel. After 9pm got 50% discount ^^. Shiok. But only on SOME items. I bought cookies and cream milkshake for $6.90 ++ no 50% discount. Hehe. After eating supper, my mum and I took a taxi back and reached home at 11+. Now i posting this the time is 11.57p.m. My blog the posting time got problem de.. so just ignore kays? Nothing to post liao. Byee

-aH ChoW not Ah Chow

Tiring but fun day

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |1:29 AM

Sorry for not posting for one day on my blog peeps.. LOL..
Yesterday stayed back to pre-order for the lower primary.. Jia Qi, Shi Han and Cher Hui had to go handbell.. but Jia Qi ate with us anyway.. so only me, Shannon, Qian Hui and Debbie went. Qian Hui and Debbie go order outside food seh.. Ms Tang pass by never see.. lucky lols.. Me, Jia Qi and Shannon ate two portions.. noodles and rice.. felt so full after that.. After eating, played virus with debbie, shannon and Qian Hui. We played till 2pm then go library.. we were so bored in the library so we asked if anyone had uno cards.. nobody had so i took my poker cards and play. then the four of us have to take 4 gigantic aunty looking books to cover our cards. hahahah damn funny seh. then when the librarian comes, me and debbie read the book so loud so obvious haha.. but the librarion didnt notice so who cares.. we played blackjack till 2.15 then qian hui suddenly said, "OH YEAH YEAH I HAVE UNO CARDS!!" lol 15 mins reaction slow. HAHAHAHA. then we play another 15 mins uno cards oh snapjack. cannot hit the table too hard XD if not very obvious. after that the 4 of us publicise from 2.30 to 4. me and debbie took turns to publicise our stall. we only publicise to 3 classes.. 2 i publicise 1 she publicise.. we only publicise 3 class in 1 and a half hours because got a lot of little customers wanna buy our name stickers. the name stickers very popular seh.. more than 90% of our little customers buy name stickers. after we publicise to the 3 classes, it was about 3.40. so shannon and qian hui go buy sweet drink go and drink. i and debbie stay upstairs wait for them. after resting for about 5 mins, we decided to publicise our name stickers to teachers because after selling to 2 more people we done liao cause run out of tickets to write down their names lol. first teacher we sold to was miss lee.. she ordered dunno how many.. forgotten liao.. then mr salleh saw us then say, "WAH. you still in school ar?" lol. after that we left one more person to sell our name stickers to then i wait outside the hall cause inside got a lot of teachers. then mr salleh passed by a second time.. then i was like, "EH MR SALLEH!! You want order name stickers? We just need one more person to sell." Then he said, "No." Then I was like," Please la! One more person only.. The name stickers got a lot of design you know.. You see? Got Walp Disney.. got pokemon.." Then he walk away. Whatever -.- why last customer so hard to get ar? then after that the p1 and p2 recess over.. bell ring.. then all the p1 and p2 come upstairs.. then we ask one by one who want name stickers.. then FINALLY got one p1 or p2 girl go order 1 hamtaro name sticker for $2. Then after that we went home. On the way upstairs we met mr salleh the THIRD time. He was like, "Wah you all still here ar?" for the third time. then we took our bags and shannon, debbie and qian hui went home while i went yi koon house. on the way down the stairs we met mr salleh again, for the FOURTH time.. then he said the same thing for the fourth time, like a broken record, "Wah, you all still in school ah?" only thing different was that he was eating a waffle and drinking bubble tea which made him look a bit.. you know.. a bit retarded.. no offence.. went to yi koon house play S.A again.. play for 2 hours until 6.15 then go home reach exactly 6.30.. was a tiring but fun day.. (:

-aH ChoW not Ah Chow

<$BlogDateHeaderDate$> |2:03 AM

Today was so close to going Yi Koon's house play S.A. I told my mum that I was going to his house because Mr. Salleh gave you 4 pages slide show. Then she say dunno wad nowadays people not so old fashion take bus all the way to friend's house do project. Lol, actually i finished 4 page slide within 1 min in class.. just change name and background colour nia.. joe bryan sim leonard yien and 2 other ppl forgotten who also finished within 1 min. But wtf sia. Nothing do at home. I WANNA PLAY S.A! FEMALE CHARACTER 7090 CASH FOR 30 DAYS LEH. wth..

-aH ChoW not Ah Chow